About Me

Hello!  I'm Michelle!

I'm a wife to Jon, and mama to three beautiful children!  When I'm not being Mama Uber,  I spend my days working with bloggers by writing and developing recipes that are simple, easy to follow, and best of all delicious.

 My love of photography started long ago. I have vivid memories from my high school photography class, learning all about camera settings and film but especially spending time in the darkroom learning to develop film. I've spent countless hours watching cooking & baking shows.   Since high school was a "few" years ago, I have invested in other photography courses, but most importantly, I've been a member of the Pretty Focused community since 2018.  I have been working with bloggers and I have been continuing my education through various master classes.  Photography is my passion, and I will never stop growing and learning new skills.  

I feel so lucky to be able to combine two passions and help build your blog.

If your family is anything like mine, you have a schedule full of work, school, and practice commitments.  I don't want to spend my free time in the kitchen cooking, I want quick, easy, and delicious meals, that even check the healthy box too! My goal is to create simple, semi-homemade recipes to share with those you love. 


Some fun facts about me:

❤️ I love clothes, nothing is more satisfying than crafting the perfect outfit!

❤️ I'm obsessed with children's picture books

❤️ Our dog, Chloe, is our resident alarm clock, lizard hunter, and sock hider!

❤️ I'm a Midwestern girl living in the desert.  My happy place is on the water!


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