Welcome to my little corner of this big world.

I've been passionate about capturing beautiful images for as long as I can remember.

I'm a wife to the most incredible man!

I'm a bleacher-sitting, cheerleading, uniform-washing, carpool-driving, schedule-juggling mama to three incredible humans.

I'm a dog mama to one high-maintenance, but super sweet pup.

I'm a lover of fashion, don't let my "mom uniform" fool you.

I'm a lover of good books.

I'm a chips and guac connoisseur.

I'm a lover of chai tea.

I'm a children's picture book junky.

I'm a massive supporter of watching women achieve their dreams!

I want everyone to feel comfortable when they are in front of my lens, we will spend time talking and getting to know one another before I ever lift my camera.

Headshots, Photographer, Small Business, Empowered Women, Family Photography, Branding Photography



“It's easy to feel uneasy when getting photos taken of yourself. It is something that people generally do not enjoy, however, working with Michelle is a much different experience. She offered me outfit ideas and I felt very prepared before even stepping foot into the studio. Once there she played music, helped me with poses, and made me feel very comfortable. When I received the pictures I was blown away at what she captured. I felt beautiful and confident in my own skin...”

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